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November 01, 2014

Looking for an escort

Have you ever been in search of something or someone that the thought of that person or object completely obsessed your thoughts and actions? This blog post is about just such an occasion. One search for an escort, a special girl sought after by a man head over heels -  in love. Read on for more…


The first encounter

It was a cool autumn night when John (that’s what we will call him) decided to go out after a long hard day at the office. If being a credit controller wasn’t boring enough, John had a very non-exhilarating personal life. His friends consisted of a goldfish named Sam and a couple of stray cats that perused his building on the off chance that they might pick up a tit bit from the bins bags.


On this particular night not Looking for an escort, John walked into the Sexy Kitten Bar and Grill for a quick bite to eat. Alone as usual, he was not at all bothered about being a solitary guest to the establishment.  It was then that he layed his eyes on her at the bar. John entered the door and could not help but notice the busty goddess standing there. Wearing a tight black number, her bountiful breasts burst out of her bustier. On her feet, she wore the reddest stilettoes which just so happened to  match the colour of her luscious lips. He couldn’t help staring, completely taken aback by her beauty  -  his mouth fell open (I am sure a little bit of drool just dripped slightly from his hanging bottom lip).


John tripped on the corner of the carpet and at that moment had to look away. Next he looked back up to see her walking away . Flustered at the thought of that sexy hot girl he tried to follow. Unfortunately she was moving too fast and all that was left was the lingering bouquet her lavish perfume. All that was left was a business card she left on the bar counter. A little worn out on the corners he read it out to himself.


“Vivian – Agency Escorts London”


Finding the perfect escort

John was delighted – he realised at that moment that this was a wonderful thing. Not only did he have a way to find the girl of his dreams but he also had a chance to be intimate with her as well. What he held in his hand was a golden ticket of sorts and not to any lame chocolate factory but to the land of milk and honey.


Becoming consumed with lustful thoughts looking for an escort, John began the search for the gorgeous beauty. Calling the agency night after night in order to secure a booking, with the sweet sexy babe that stole his heart. It did of course not come easy. Chickening out a number of times, putting the phone down as soon as the receptionist answered. It finally happened. He did it, secured a booking with the lovely lass, the real sexy kitten that enveloped his mind.  The wait was excruciating, but finally she arrived at his door – dressed in the same teeny tiny black dress, he just couldn’t wait to get it all off to feel her body and taste her skin. She just smiled sweetly, knowing just what he had in mind.


”Hello I am Vivi, I am happy to meet you!”


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