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When good clients go bad When good clients go bad

April 07, 2014

When good clients go bad


Most days and nights are filled with happy customers and escorts alike. Nothing makes us feel better than to know that our customers are completely satisfied with their escort girl and the services she has provided. We are in the people business no-the-less and we all know how unpredictable ‘people’ can be.


Every so often, we get a disruptive customer that does not obey the rules. Customers that do not meet the criteria of a ‘good escort client’ can land themselves in the dog-house or even black listed by escort agencies on London.


Some examples of this bad-boy behaviour would be:


Being crude to receptions staff on the phone.  Remember the escorts are the girls that are up for THAT job not the receptionist.

Refusing to pay extra for off the cuff or additional and yet sometimes out of the ordinary services. Please bear in mind these extra ordinary items on your wish-list are or will be provided by  the escort girl at her discretion, play nice and she will return the favour.

Refusing to pay the escort, upfront. That will just leave you standing at the door watching her sexy arse walk away.

Violent or threatening behaviour toward an escort girl, or her driver. We do not tolerate this at all.


So, what is the motto of this story…


Boys will be boys but being a well-mannered, gentleman can certainly have its benefits. Why not start your journey to sensual fulfilment tonight by booking a sexy girl and trying out your hot escort moves.



Come on I dare you!



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