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If you are a bit partial to the naughty methods of sexy blonde escorts then you may agree that these fair-haired maidens have more fun. Whether its honey, golden, strawberry or platinum – all shades of blonde are as alluring as the next.  Since the beginning of time, men have wanted them and women have fallen head-over-heels to be them. These girls have been proud to shake their flowing yellow locks.  Being the envy of many women, it seems a little ironic that so many girls are spending their hard earned cash on lightning their own heads to match the manes of their sexy fair counterparts.  So why in the world do these golden hunnies have such a reputation for being, a little unintelligent?  Seems to me they have it made.

Natural or Bleached Blondes

Most of our natural blonde girls come from Nordic countries and tend to have nationalities like Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or German. However many Estonian and Latvian escort girls are also light haired and fair skinned.  There is a huge demand for ladies with flaxen hair, so much so that women are changing their hair to suit the growing demand. Everyday ladies line the seats of hair salons waiting to show off their new highlights.
So if you are looking for natural blonde outcall escorts for Essex or bleached blonde escorts near Hertfordshire, we are sure that our delicious selection of attractive bronze babes will delight you with every turn.

Captivating beauties

Magazines and films are strewn with images of confident blonde girls like Mae West and Veronica Lake. Even Playboy Rsquo;s first centrefold Marilyn Monroe, was a brunette turned blonde. These days we have a more modern obsession for light-haired women like Sabina Kelley, and January Jones.
We are lucky enough to offer you some of the most beautiful blonde escorts London. With their golden locks and playful personalities, our fair-haired glamour girls are very popular. We are always looking for new girls to add some diversity to the mix so that we can ensure to please your every taste.