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Women between the ages of 30 and 40 fit into the mature escorts category. Most young girls tend to be quite superficial.  Forinstance, she may be rather preoccupied with looks versus personality when it comes to men, whichcan be a bit disappointing for an average looking person. Mature women on the other hand have years of experience to draw from and know exactly what they want - when they want it. Whilst younger girls may seem un-appreciating and are more likely to sleep around.  Older women are easier to approach they are much more attentive to your needs and in tune with their own bodies.


Mature escorts are real women

The thing about older women is that they can offer you a “Real Lover Experience”.  Imagine yourself being tended to, by an elegant private companion. Why not indulge yourself and take up a secret lover, a seductive mistress, or a personal confidante?A woman's good looks do not take a sudden nosedive on her 30th birthday. It starts tapering off at gentle pace, depending on her genetics and lifestyle. A large portion of ladies mature later and tend to be hotter in their thirties than what they were in their twenties. It could be that age brings with it a sense of  open-mindedness and uninhibited enthusiasm that exudes “sexy hot mama” in every sense of the word.


Playful companions

These older female companions never take themselves too seriously making them even sexier. There is something about a playful woman isn’t there? Some may say that playfulness is an invaluable quality of a maturity - a woman who loves life and is not too shy to show it. Wouldn’t you enjoy the decadent delights of experienced mature escorts Essex? Just imagine how tantalising your escort experience would be with a girl who goes the extra mile to ensure you are completely satisfied, and who knows how to enjoy herself at the same time?

It is true what they say about the mature escorts Hertfordshire – they really do have more fun. Our hot and sassy women certainly agree, and from what we hear – their clients agree too. These hotties certainly know what they want and are not afraid to let it all out. Check out the amazing selection of fit and fabulous mature escorts London in our photo gallery and select the lady that astounds you. Just one call and she could be knocking at your door sooner than you think.